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Our Mission

Net Vista's mission is to provide our business and residential customers with services that improve the quality of their lives and work.  We will continuously strive to provide them with real benefits in terms of time, money, and hapiness.


The Net Vista Story

The Beginning

When Net Vista was founded in 1995, our purpose was to provide the quality Internet service that was so clearly missing among the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of the day.

Today, Internet Access is almost a commodity.  Quality service is what distinguishes a good provider from the corporate profit machines and the hobbyists.  With its sterling reputation for service and its innovative product line, Net Vista has established itself as an Internet industry leader.

Net Vista Today

Recently, we asked ourselves, "With the mass market for Internet access being served by the cable and telephone companies, what need is there for independent providers?"

The answer remains mostly the same, in that quality of service is something that only smaller, more agile companies like Net Vista can provide well.  But there are other things as well.

Just as when they sat on, and actively fought against, the release of technologies such as DSL and wireless Internet, the cable and telephone companies are again attempting to stifle innovation so that they can squeeze the maximum amount of profit out of their customers.

As an independent ISP, Net Vista is constantly challenging itself to promote innovative and cost-effective solutions for businesses and homeowners with products like our remote backup service, and pricing breakthroughs such as our $5 static IP option.  Our goal is to save you both time and money by offering you as many useful services as possible under one roof.




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